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give me an aradia who cares for both captors (not romantically, platonically)

an aradia who is terrified to death of loud flashing lights and noises because they remind her of the night she died

an aradia who embraces death to cope with the fact that shes died a thousand times and seen her…

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OTHER FANDOMS: hmm things have been pretty quiet around here-

*ne ne papa sounds in distance*
*homestucks yelling upd8 in distance*

OTHER FANDOMS: oh dear God

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scene phase terezi. weaboo phase nepeta. emo phase vriska. the holy trinity

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Sex gods

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So since they’re called the Nobles, does that mean the Alpha kids get titles? How cool would that be! You know, they’d be called Lady Lalonde, Lord Strider, Lady Crocker and Lord…


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We have conquered the actual MSPaint.

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— “[S] Cascade.” to Attack on Titan music —

Remember when I said I’d imagine epic/action scenes — Homestuck or otherwise — to the music I listen to? Well, here’s one of ‘em I just chopped together for you: Jade’s part in [S] Cascade. (HOMESTUCK SPOILERS), set to the last half of the Attack on Titan OST's first track.

Hope you enjoy the mashup! Took me a couple hours to cut together and speed/slow the parts just right to fit. The best parts — like the moments right after she ascends — didn’t need any adjustments at all, naturally.

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Steal his look: Gamzee Makara

clown face paint - $3.99

bike horn - $9.99

garbage can - $107.28

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…are you guys oKAY?!

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